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The System:

Message from Jim Walston:

Dear Fellow Modelers and Flyers:

How many times have you searched for hours through high growth, crops, brush, woods, etc., either to come up empty handed or find your rocket or model airplane too late to compete again or have too little time left to fly in other events.  You sweat, you tire, you curse, you pray, you worry and usually swear off all of this nonsense.  About this time you'd give almost anything to find your  plane or rocket.

It makes absolutely no sense to me to spend hours building a model airplane or rocket and then drive a long distance to a contest just to loose it.  Yet, this happens every weekend at every contest.  It used to happen to me.  It's probably still happening to you or you wouldn't have inquired.  Consider your material cost, the value of of you time and why you fly.  If you don't take action to obtain a good retrieval system, your problem will not change.

I've been shipping these systems for finding planes and rockets for over 20 years now.  The systems have been used in everything from free flight and radio controlled aircraft to rockets.  The transmitters use special crystals built to withstand up to 20,000 G's and have survived some absolutely devastating crashes without harm.  The MODA 238 MVS long range transmitter weighs 3.5 grams with batteries and can be used in the smallest model aircraft or rockets.  Using the TRX-3S Receiver, the signal can be picked up on the ground 2 to 2 1/2 miles away!  The line of sight range is 15 to 20 miles and 20 to 90 miles air range and 2 to 9 miles ground range. The MODA 2338 MVS longer range transmitter weighs 4.5 grams with batteries and has a ground range of over 3 miles and a line of sight range close to 30 miles.  The new MODA 2438 MVS-F (the "QUAD") transmitter weighs 5.5 grams with batteries and has a ground range of 5 miles and line of sight range of about 50 miles.  The new "Lite" Transmitters, the MODA 2312 MVS-F and MODA 2212 MVS-F are the smallest and lightest made today.  Replacement batteries for all transmitters are readily available.

To operate the system simply place the transmitter in or on the model airplane or rocket you are flying.  Then, to locate the model, connect the directional antenna to the receiver.  The audible signal heard trough the receiver will be loudest when the antenna is pointing toward the model.  It will guide you directly to your model and will get louder as you get closer.

The frequencies will cause no interference with anything else including radio control.  The TRX-3S receiver is built to handle three channels.  All of the frequencies will be different.  The channel selector on the receiver will tune each one in.  The 16 and 48 channel receivers can be advantageous to people who want to share a system.  Each person can have his own transmitter(s) and share the cost of the receiver and antenna.  These receivers are the TRX-16S and TRX48S.

The systems have worked flawlessly.  You will save your cost many times over and it should last for many years.  These systems are the most advanced and represent the highest state of the art presently available in radio-telemetry for model retrieval.  They are World Class.  They come ready to use.  Each system has a good warranty and should any problems develop after that, repair is quick and reasonable.  they are made in the U.S.A.

I personally find the system indispensable as have many flyers around the country.  It is the most sensible investment I've made for contest or fun flying.  I'm not protecting just one model but rather my whole fleet.  We've all lost more than out share of planes and rockets and have spent too much time looking for those we've found.  At long last, the problem no longer exists.  You will certainly enjoy flying much more knowing you can locate you plane or rocket easily.

Do it now,

Jim Walston


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